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IKEA Open first Store in Hyderabad with Biggest in house Restaurant Serving Samosa to Famous Meat balls Aug 9 2018 8:13 AM | Hyderabad HYDERABAD: IKEA is set to leap into a milestone of sorts with the launch of its sprawling 13-acre store in Hyderabad today with India's biggest furniture, home decor store come along with an in-house restaurant with serving more than 7000 items and employs more than 900 local youth, IKEA is betting big on tempting the average Indian's taste buds by launching "possibly India's largest" restaurant inside its store, which it also says is its biggest-ever, compared to other IKEA stores throughout the world. The massive 1,000-seater restaurant will serve customers a wide range of food items consisting of staples from Swedish and Indian cuisine, from meatballs and salmon to biryani, samosas and dal makhni. For just Rs. 149, hungry shoppers will get to sink their teeth into chicken meatballs, while a plate of biryani will be available for just Rs. 99. IKEA

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Shopping Amazon Freedom Sale Get Mega Deals, Discounts, Cashback on Top Brands  Aug 4 2018 2:52 PM |

Amazon India come with the biggest shopping festival before Independence day as Amazon Freedom Sale were giant e-commerce company Amazon going to offer on 2500+ brands with over 20000+ deals across on 200+ category. Amazon freedom sale offering a huge discount on a brand like OnePlus, Mi, Honor, Huawei, Nokia, Vivo. 


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Shopping Myntra India Biggest Fashion Sale Offers Huge Discounts on Top Brands and Rs.50 Cashback Earn Every time on Invite Jun 23 2018 8:50 AM | India largest fashion-e-commerce Myntra come with India Biggest Fashion Sale under Myntra End of Reason sale by giving tons of offers, deals, discounts and much offer. Myntra sale running from 22nd June to 25th June in this sale many top brands offering huge discounts and Buy 1 Get 4 like the offer. Myntra also offers Rs.50 cashback on every invite by the referral link to give addon to his user. Read more..
Shopping अक्षय तृतीया के दिन मनायी जाती है परशुराम जयंती इस दिन खरीदें इनमें से कोई भी एक चीज Apr 18 2018 8:26 AM | Bhilai अक्षय तृतीया इस बार 18 अप्रैल को आ रही है। इस दिन किसी भी कार्य को करने के लिए पंचांग देखने या मुहूर्त निकलवाने की आवश्यकता नहीं होती। इस दिन लोग स्नान कर घर में साफ-सफाई करते हैं व भगवान विष्णु और देवी लक्ष्मी की पूजा करते हैं। इस दिन कुछ चीजें खरीदना शुभ माना जाता हैं। इसी दिन भगवान परशुराम जयंती की जयंती भी है | जिन्होंने २१ बार इस धरती को क्षत्रिय विहीन किया था। इतना ही नहीं इन्होंने क्रोध में भगवान गणेश को भी नहीं बख्शा था। . इस दिन सोने और चांदी के गहने खरीदें जाते है। यदि ये आपके बजट में नहीं हैं तो ग्राम में कम से कम खरीद लें। 2. अक्षय तृतीया के दिन आप मासिक सामान भी खरीद सकते हैं जैसे बर्तन आदि जो जरूर शुभ होगा। 3. इस दिन कुछ भी नया काम शुरू करना भी शुभ माना गया हैं। जैसे घर का निर्माण करना आदि। 4. इस दिन आप दो या चार पहिया वाहन भी खरीद सकते हैं। Read more..
Shopping Amazon Great Indian Sale Biggest deals, Discounts on Fashion, Electronics and More Jan 21 2018 8:38 AM | Amazon India today start their first Great Indian Sale from January 2018 with offering huge discounts, deals, exchange offers, no cost emi offer on fashion, electronics, mobiles, mobiles accessories, home decor, household supplies, baby & kids appliances and much more Read more..
Shopping Alibaba Singles Day Record Sales with $25.30 Billions Nov 12 2017 12:39 PM | Alibaba the Chinese E-commerce giant post record sales with over 168.20 billlions Yuan convert into $25.30 billions Read more..
Shopping Flipkart Winter Sale Starts in November 2017 Nov 11 2017 7:48 AM | Flipkart come with big brand sale of winter collection and offer exciting deals , discounts in winter jackets , sweatshirts , sweaters , shawls ,blazers , pullovers and much more . Read more..
Shopping Flipkart The Grand Gadget Days Sale Nov 8 2017 10:10 AM | Flipkart offer sale in electronics , gadgets like mobile , mobile accessories , laptops , tablets , camera , printer of top famous brands Read more..
Shopping Sony Experia R1 Preorder Now at Amazon Nov 5 2017 7:58 AM | Sony Experia R1 & R1 Plus Series Smartphone are ready for sale at Amazon India . Preorder now a Rs.12,990 Read more..
Shopping Great Discounts on Samsung Smartphone on Samsung Mobile Fest Day Nov 4 2017 8:47 AM | During Samsung Mobile Fest comapnay is offering mouth watering discounts on latest mobiles , smartphones . For more details visit in Read more..