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Latest - Eat Anytime Orange Snack Bars - 240 G (pack Of 6)

Eat Anytime Orange Snack Bars - 240 G (pack Of 6)
Eat Anytime Orange Snack Bars - 240 G (pack Of 6)

No added sugar, Your snack pack, balanced meal, Gluten free, Zero cholesterol, High in fiber and protein,

EAT Anyime healthy snacks and nutrition bars are made from natural ingredients likes nuts, oats, seeds, dates which provides a balanced meal on the go which is now available in three flavours butterscotch, cool mint and tangy orange. Each bar is full of energy to keep you active and attentive throughout your day and helps reduce weight to keep you fit. Grab your bite and start living a more productive life.

Nutrition And Healthy Energy Bars

EAT Anytime are Healthy Energy bars which are a great amalgamation of taste and nutrition. Now replace junk food with a wholesome and healthy EAT Anytime snacks made of 100% natural ingredients such as Nuts, Oats, Seeds, Dates, etc. especially melded by the best Nutritionist to provide a perfect balanced mean on the go. EAT Anytime suits best for them who find it difficult to maintain a balanced diet because of their modern and fast paced lifestyle to every individual who strives for fitness. Try all our outlandish flavours filled in pocket sized Nutrition Bars to treat your taste buds along with nurturing your health. Eat anytime bars are available at three different flavors such as butterscotch - this can be a great and a healthy replacement for chocolates and also for the people who have a sweet tooth. Then we have the cool mint flavour for the ones who want to beat the heat. Last but not the least the flavour of tangy fruity mouthwatering oranges enough to splash you with freshness throughout the day.

Why EAT Anytime Bars

EAT Anytime bars have a lot more in store to gratify each and every individual ranging from kids to adults. It is the perfect snack which provides natural and instant energy to boost and uplift one’s mood and keep them focused as it is made from 100% natural ingredients intended to keep one charged and lively throughout the day. Good news for the vegetarians, no animal was harmed in the making of our balanced nutritional bars which are free from any animal product and are made from ingredients such as nuts, dates, oats, seeds etc. It proves to be the perfect & healthy snack as it is low in refined sugar and fats, with the goodness of antioxidants, minerals and Omega 3. It contains high fibre both soluble and insoluble which is good for the digestion and which helps maintain a healthy metabolism. Just when you think that these are the only advantages of EAT Anytime Bars, there is more to it as these bars are rich with proteins which boost your immunity and improves organ function. Parents can cherish this product by giving it to their kids as a replacement for unhealthy snacks, chocolates, etc. as we have packed happiness with healthy nutrients.

Butterscotch - It gets better with every bite

A delicious treat to your taste buds with a mixture of nuts and oats with our very own secret recipe which can take you to paradise. This lip-smacking bar brings to you power of three seeds: flaxseeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. This bar will surely leave you craving for more as it gets better with each bite, healthier, nuttier and tastier than ever. This flavour is best recommended for the people who have a sweet tooth. It is the best answer to your child's obstinacy. So the next time you or your children have a craving for chocolates, you know it’s best replacement.

Coolmint - This is as cool as it gets!

Beat the heat with Coolmint flavour which is as cool as it gets! A superb potpourri of almonds and dates with the crunch of oats expertly chastised with our secret whole grains, this bar is a real rockstar. Dazzled with flaxseeds and a hint of mint, it offers a carnival of flavors to indulge your senses. Eat Healthy, stay cool. Especially in the summer or for the ones who need to travel during the day for work. Most of them reach the workplace all exhausted and drained which hampers their concentration and overall performance suffers. During such moments EAT Anytime Bars can be your best companion to boost your overall spirit along with mental and physical health.

Tangy Orange - A Showstopper with a bang!

The goodness of health with a twist of tangy orange makes your eating experience more fruitful. Meet the all-rounder with a perfect balance of hidden whole foods is sure to amplify the fun with munch of oats and almonds. A titillating and mouth-watering base of dates with a splash of orange brings you a taste that will boggle your mind and boost your energy levels to a new high. . This flavour is liked by not only the fruitarians but also the people who due to their busy lifestyle do not have the access to fresh fruits won't miss them if they taste the orange flavor in the EAT Anytime Fitness bar which is far more nutritious and healthier.

How are we changing the world

Healthy food and good taste in itself is a rare combination and we have successfully merged the best of two worlds in one bar is what we have got for the world. Above all it comes with the added incentive of it being pocket friendly and a great asset which not only tickles your taste buds but also gives you great health and brings you in great mood by feeding not only your hunger but also your zeal. We have given reasons for kids to fall in love with its taste, parents to be rest assured about their children’s health and it keeps working professionals energetic and attentive at work. There couldn't be a better time to launch the product as products like these are the need of the hour. Its high time we start adapting to the evident change happening in the lifestyle of the modern society and we need to come up with smarter and more innovative solutions to overcome these challenges and progress forward for the better.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Healty. Tasty. Nutritious.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

My friend and I were two such people hustling day and night, often forgetting to eat on time because of the busy schedule we sometimes did skip our meals and then resort on to junk food which was easily available in every nook and corner of Mumbai.
Soon we began to realise the ill effects of junk food. Too much junk food was taking a toll on our well-being. We had become fatigued, irksome, sluggish and unable to focus on things important to us. That is when my wife, who is nutritionist took matters in her hands. She made these wonderful bars from oats and other natural ingredients and wonder seeds. I started carrying it around with me, they were delightful and yummy and most importantly full of flavour they became our (me and my friend) saviour and most importantly kept us healthy and wise.
We received a gift of health in that little power packed bar. We knew that we were not the only ones who were facing this problem and since we had found the solution we thought to share this with the world so that health was available for all, at all times to simply by EATing!
Before we did begin to put our idea to action we did perform a lot of research and survey to get the feedback of the customer or the end user at the grassroot level to gauge if the people want it. This pushed us further because the more we interacted with people the more we came to know how important the task that we had in hand was. People were equally excited about the concept of the product. And then there was no looking back from there.

What makes your product special?

The fact that we are adding values to people’s lives and encouraging them to create a healthier future is what makes our product special. EAT Anytime bars are revolutionizing the fast food industry by providing them a product which can accommodate to the modern lifestyle and has kept its pace along with the goodness of health and nutrition. Each and every ingredient is hand-picked and has to pass a lot of quality checks to qualify for it to be in EAT Anytime bar. We make sure that the production is done in the most hygienic way and the whole process is strictly monitored under expert supervision.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The best part of the startup experience is that be it any day of the week when hunger wrenches in between the meals EAT Anytime snacks are handy to people and we are providing a choice to the people in the form of a healthy alternative to over junk food. Being a part of a fast food revolution in itself is a feeling of immense joy and liberation. Our contribution is to create a healthy tomorrow by catering via nutritional bars for lip smacking snacking. The thing that keeps us going is the amazing feedback and reviews that we keep getting from our customers. They share with us how EAT Anytime bars have changed their life and has helped them lose weight, make them fit, gain success in both personal and professional endeavors.

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