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Latest - Bakerswhip Custard Cream (500 Gm)

Bakerswhip Custard Cream (500 Gm)
Bakerswhip Custard Cream (500 Gm)

Easy-to-make -- simply add milk or water, Use as an frosting and filling., The light, fluffy cream,

BakerswhipTM easily prepared Custard Cream Powder Mix is used as a filling cream in desserts such as profiterole, éclair, cream cakes, pies, tarts and croissant. You can make bake-stable cream fillings with delicious taste and long-lasting freshness. Custard Cream Powder Mix saves time and energy for the chefs and creates more time to focus on their creativity. Product may be used within 48hrs after mixing and stored in a refrigerator. However also the refrigeration temperature must be able to maintain the product below 5°C.

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