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Latest - Sri Subham Sprouted Health Malt 500gms

Sri Subham Sprouted Health Malt 500gms
Sri Subham Sprouted Health Malt 500gms

It is 100%natural & vegetarian Product, Complete balanced meal, Easily digestible with goodness of sprouted multigrains, Helps control blood sugar and improves immunity in children, Ingredients: Ragi, Jowar, Bajra,,Foxtail millet(korralu),Barley ,Maize,Green gram,Cow pea(Lobia),Horse gram,Kidney beans(Rajma),Bengal gram,Ground nuts,Almonds,Cashew,Sago,Cardamom,

Sri Subham sprouted health malt 500gms is good for weight management, child growth. It is beneficiary for vegans and diabetic friendly, contains variety of millets which are highly nutritive & fibre rich thus helpful in cancer prevention &cure.As the grains are sprouted,harmful phytates are removed,protein& vitamin percentage multiplies,rate of mineral absorption increases

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