Samsung Ec-pl120 14.2mp Point And Shoot Camera (black) With 5x Optical Zoom

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14.2 megapixels camera, The Samsung PL120 offers Smart Filter, a collection of lens effects that give your still shots an artistic edge , 720HD Movie, 14.2 Mega Still + 720p HD Movie (MJPEG), 1.5 inches Dual LCD for perfect portrait shot, Smart Filter 2.0 to make every photo unique,

It’s time to get perfect shots, whether shooting a group picture of friends around a restaurant table or just capturing special moments. Samsung EC-PL120 14.2MP Point and Shoot Camera allows you to get more from the lens.

Now, memories can be captured instantly because of its 26-130mm wide lens that comes with 5x optical zoom. It’s a DualView Digital Camera that lets everyone check out how one looks before the shot has been clicked. The presence of 1.5” LCD screen just besides the lens makes it possible. Later you can turn the camera and check out how the shot has been taken. The 5x zoom helps you to get quality and clear close-up shots. This camera is also endowed with 720p High Definition movie recording feature. Moments can be recorded with amazing sound clarity and quality.

The Samsung camera also features Auto and Smart Auto modes. These modes let the users choose the best setting for their shots. It is always easy to take perfect shots by using this shooting device because of the features like Smart Face Recognition, Digital Image Stabilization, Object Highlight and Magic Frames. These features improve the sharpness of the pictures.

This 14.2MP Point and Shoot Camera allows you to take good pictures. However, it is not that mega-pixel is the most important feature of the camera that ensures the quality of the images.  Lenses, lighting and the image sensor of the camera are the most important features that have a great impact on the quality of the images. This wonderful Samsung EC-PL120 Camera has all the necessary features that are essential for taking quality images and videos.

Brand : Samsung
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