Msi R9 380 Gaming 4g Graphics Card

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AMD Radeon R9 380 GPU, 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 VRAM, DisplayPort, DL-DVI-I, DL-DVI-D and HDMI, CrossFire ready, DirectX 12, Advanced Thermal Design: TWIN FROZR V, Gaming App, Military Class 4 Components,

Advanced Dispersion Blade design generates 19% more airflow without increasing drag for supreme silent performance.Dispersion Fan Blade - Intake more airflow to maximizes air dissipation to heat sink. TORX Fan - Traditionanl Fan Blade (Maximizes downwards airflow and air dispersion to the massive heat sink below them). AIRFLOW CONTROL: Enhanced dissipation efficiency. MSI has fitted Twin Frozr coolers with the all new Airflow Control technology which guides more airflow directly onto the heat pipes by using special deflectors on the heat sink. In addition, this exclusive heat sink design increases heat sink surface area, greatly enhancing the dissipation efficiency. ZERO FROZR: Smart cooling, stay quiet. MSI’s Twin Frozr V Thermal Designs are equipped with ZeroFrozr technology which was first introduced by MSI back in 2008. ZeroFrozr technology eliminates fan noise in low-load situations by stopping the fans when they are not needed. Compared to other graphics cards, there is no continuous hum of airflow to tell you there’s a powerful graphics card in your gaming rig. This means you can focus on gaming without the distraction of other sounds coming from your PC. Catching the Vibe with Cool LED Effects: Featuring a premium LED illuminated MSI GAMING Dragon to lighten the mood. This brand new function allows you to choose from 5 unique modes to set the right ambience for your gaming moments with just one click. GAMING APP: The latest version of the MSI Gaming App is expanded with MSI Scenamax technology (under the EyeRest tab) to provide you easy access to image quality improving technology in the easy comfort of the MSI Gaming App.

Brand : MSI
MRP : 36900