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Latest - Rico Food Factory Food Processor 400-w

Rico Food Factory Food Processor 400-w
Rico Food Factory Food Processor 400-w

Multifunction : Most Efficient for Chopping, Mixing, Slicing, Shredding, Kneading & Juicing, 400W powerful motor with overload protection for safety. Machine design is compact and space saving, 800 ml USABLE capacity of bowl. Unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl with lid. Unbreakable blades., 2 speed with whipping. Body made of ABS plastic. Sales package contains - Main unit, warranty card and User manual, Warranty - 1 year warranty. Customer service number 022-24102926.,

Ability to Perform Multiple Functions
Rico Food Factory can perform multiple functions for you. Chop, slice & shred all your vegetables and other food items with ease. You can whip creams for cakes and pastries, and prepare delicious batters, purees. Also, this food processor comes with multiple detachable blades, each made of high-quality material to dice and cut vegetables with the slicing, chopping, kneading and shredding blades. Moreover, you can also prepare delicious fruit and vegetable juices for your family with citrus juicer

Powerful 400 Watts Motor
This Rico Food Factory has 400 Watts powerful motor. This is copper motor so long lasting and good performance.

Dough Maker
The unique feature in this food processor is you can knead your dough. At a time you can prepare 250 grams dough. Kneader blade is made of unbreakable Polycarbonate food grade material.

Unbreakable Food Processing Bowl
The food processing bowl comes with this food factory is made of food safe polycarbonate material which is unbreakable. The capacity of the bowl is 800 ml. You can do all the functions using this bowl.

This Rico Food Factory comes with multiple blades like chopping blade, slicing blade & shredding blade. All this are made of stainless steel so rustproof.

Whips and mixes to perfection
This Rico Food Factory with powerful 400 W motor gives you perfect end results with the least effort-when chopping, mixing or whisking. The blades available are sharp and very effective to give you the perfectly chopped onions, sliced cucumber or whipped cream and more.

With Citrus Juicer Attachment
This Rico Food Processor comes with unique citrus juicer attachment which has special juicer blade for citrus juicing. Main advantage is it does not crush the seeds so your juice will not be bitter in taste.

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