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Home Chef HC-MSC Food Steamer(1.6 L, Multicolor)
Home Chef HC-MSC Food Steamer(1.6 L, Multicolor)
HOME CHEF Steam Cooker Is A Kitchen Appliance Which Is Used To Cook Different Types Of Food Items With The Help Of Steam. This 3-Layer Ultra-Compact And Elegant Design Steamer Is Just What Your Need For All Your Nutritional Needs. You Can Definitely Be Sure Of Having All Your Nutritions In Check, With Having To Enjoy Such Sweet And Savoury Recipes That Your Steamer Makes. If You Want To Loose Weight, Get Healthy Or Just Stay Healthy There'S Nothing Like Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Meats And Poultry To Help You. A Lot Of The Secret To Keeping These Foods Healthy Is The Preparation. For Example, Boiled Meats Are Going To Be Much Healthier For You Than Fried Meats, And Steamed Fresh Vegetables Are A Lot Healthier Than Boiled Or Canned Vegetables. This Is Where A Food Steamer Comes In Handy. A Food Steamer, Or Steam Cooker, Cooks The Food With Steam Which Helps To Preserve The Vitamins And Minerals In The Food. Boiling Leaches Most Of Them Out Of The Food. For This Reason Steamers Are Very Popular With Vegetarians And Those On Macrobiotic And Raw Food Diets. A Lot Of Chinese Cooking Is Done In A Steamer. You Can Cook Just About Any Kind Of Food In A Steamer And The Beauty Of Them Is That They Are Easy To Clean Up. Another Benefit Is That They Dont Make The Kitchen Hot Like An Oven Does And They Dont Require A Lot Of Energy To Operate. Steam Cookers Work On The Same Premise Of Having A Tray Just Above The Water. The Tray Has Holes In It Or Is Slotted To Let Them Steam Rise Up To The Food With The Multi-Compartment And Tiered Steamers, You Could Actually Cook Several Parts Of The Meal, Or Even The Whole Meal In The Steamer All At Once. HOME CHEF Have A 3 Tiered Steamer, You Could Cook Your Vegetables On One Tier, Your Protein On Another, And Even Your Bread Or Desert On Another. Things You Can Cook In A Food Steamer Steamed Vegetables, Steamed Sprouts, Steamed Rice,Corn, Idlis,Soup, Momos, Steam Chicken, Steamed Fish, Potato Etc. Cost Effective It Consumes One Unit Of Electricity In 1½ Hrs. Approx. Which Is A Very Cheap And Cost-Effective Medium Of Cooking As Compared To L.P.G. Cooking. Additional Uses- 1.HOME CHEF Steam Cooker Can Be Used To Sterilise Milk Bottles And Napkins Of Your Little Ones. 2.You Can Steam Napkins For Cleaning Of Hands Before Meals. 3.Steam Can Directly Be Taken By A Person Suffering From Cold. Features Cooks Oil And Fat Free Food. Compressed 600 Watts Heater. Auto Stop 60 Minute Timer. Contains Break Resistant Food Grade Polycarbonate Jars. Voltage Is 220v - 50hz. All Removable Parts Are Dishwasher Safe. Easy To Cook. Healthy And Uniform Cooking. Content 1 Main Unit 2 Polycarbonate Jars 1 Soup Cum Sprout Maker 4x2 Idli Tray 1 Rice Bowl. Capacity: 1.6 L Material: unbreakble polycarbonate jaars, stainless steel bowl
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