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Latest - Jaipan Yj2588 2.5-litre Air Fryer (black)

Jaipan Yj2588 2.5-litre Air Fryer (black)
Jaipan Yj2588 2.5-litre Air Fryer (black)

Capacity: The electric fryer has a decent capacity of 800 gm, Material: The air fryer has an aluminium cooking pan and stainless steel lid, the overall material coating makes it an easy-to-clean cum easy-to-use fryer, Temperature and timer controls: It has a 30-minute timer, the adjustable thermostat and temperature light helps you to keep the temperature under monitored control, Non-slip feet and power cord storage, the bottom of the appliance is not slippery and hence prevents from any damage, Also, the Jaipan air fryer has a power cord storage within the appliance, Unique food basket The food basket provided in the fryer has unique features, It is detachable, therefore, it becomes easy to use the basket plus it becomes easy to clean, Power: 1000 watts, Includes: 1 Air Fryer,

Switch to a Healthier Way of Cooking

Do you want to shift to a healthier way of cooking? Then air fryers are just the thing for you. Did you know that consuming excessive oil can lead to a lot of health problems? Not only is it a primarily cause for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases but it also affects your skin and hair badly. The key to healthy food is less oil, but more often than not it means compromising on taste. But with the Jaipan YJ2588 Air Fryer you no longer have to choose health over taste. It uses 80% less oil, making it a healthier option for cooking.

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As the name suggests, an air fryer uses the technology of hot air circulation to cook food and as such, the oil requirement is far less than the traditional fryers. Also, compared to the other fryers, it cooks food faster. The air gets heated up to 200 degree Celsius, and circulates through the food, making it crunchy and crispy.

The Metal Body Ensures Fast Cooking

Have you always wanted to cook tasty food without spending much time in the kitchen? Now, with the Jaipan YJ2588 Air Fryer, your wait is over. The aluminum body of the cooking pan gets heated up quickly and aids in faster cooking. Also, since aluminum is a safe metal for cooking, you need not worry about the quality of the food. The automatic features allow you to prepare food without putting in much time or effort. Make that perfectly cooked French fries each time without spending much time in the kitchen that only tastes great but is also healthy. It also includes a multipurpose food basket for your convenience. The seamless design and sturdy structure makes for an elegant addition to your kitchen.

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Gift your family a healthier lifestyle. Bring home the Jaipan Air Fryer and prepare food in a healthier manner. Whether it is grilled chicken or French fries, the Jaipan Air fryer keeps the food value intact. Also, the appliance uses a maximum of 1000 watt, which makes it energy efficient. When you are shopping at Amazon India, you are sure to find offers and discounts to make your shopping experience even more rewarding. This wonder appliance is a must have for your kitchen.

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