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Latest - Shutter siren ( Set-4) 05 Wireless Sensor Security System

Shutter siren ( Set-4) 05 Wireless Sensor Security System
Shutter siren ( Set-4) 05 Wireless Sensor Security System

Operation of Shutter SirenThanks For Purchasing Of Supernova Shutter SirenFirst switch on the key and push the “push to check” switch. Green LED will glow, which shows battery is ok. In this position key will be out. After Switching key in ON position shut down your shutter, when shutter will be completely shut down then plunger of shutter siren will move inside. When any person will try to open the shutter, the plunger of shutter siren will be release & red LED will be glow. Red light indicates 12-15 second entry delay time. During this time put your key in OFF position. Otherwise it will start alarming till the battery is down. I.e. approximately 5 hours.While giving next demo please keep key in OFF position for 1 to2 minute to get exact entry delay and real operating function. If you use shutter siren in your shop, the life of battery is Approx in ideal Condition 14 months, battery is drain heavily when siren is on otherwise it gives service for the whole year.For Battery Replace; Unscrew the four screw of the bottom side cover, Cover having a hole in the center which is for pulling the cell cover. You will find a two-battery chamber; put 8 Nos. pencil cells in battery chamber As per +/- sign.. For protection tapped a PVC tape on each chamber of four cells. SHUTTER SIREN :1)It has small size so it requires small space.2)It is easy to operate & install.3)It has high accuracy.4)It is made of mild steel with powder coating, temper proof and has long life.5)It works on Pencil cell 1.5V X 8 nos. (12 V) , So it do not require electricity.6)It has low power consumption.7)We give One Year Warrantee on this product.8)It has One-Way key, so duplication of key is avoided.9)It has facility of entry & exit delay.10)It has in built sensor & siren.11) It has panic & long distance siren which blow sound continuously for 5 hours.13) It is also installing on a collapsible grill.14)It is economically cheap.15)Its battery has long life. (Approx 14 Months)Means ONE TIME INVESTMENT AND LIFE TIME INSURANCEIt is widely used at where shutter is main source of safety. 00 ft Detection Range 25 m Max Alarm Distance Drilling

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