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Latest - Divinext DI-200 Wireless Sensor Security System

Divinext DI-200 Wireless Sensor Security System
Divinext DI-200 Wireless Sensor Security System

GD03 is a wall mount passive infrared motion sensor. The assembly of highly sensitive pyro-sensor and specially designed reflector provides the unmatched coverage of 140°. It detects heat radiated from a body. Segmented lenses divide the whole detection area into passive and active zones. When any warm object like human body moves between the zones, it is detected as a change in voltage by the pyro-sensor. When it detects such movement, it triggers the switching mechanism to operate the connected load. As the pyro-sensor operates by detecting change in the temperature, the ambient temperature plays important role in working of this motion sensor. Maximum detection reach distance mentioned in the technical specifications is measured at the ambient temperature of 25⁰ C. Detection reach distance might change with the change in ambient temperature. 30 ft Detection Range 3 m Max Alarm Distance Wall Mount

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