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Latest - Chuango G3 - Alarm Wireless Sensor Security System

Chuango G3 - Alarm Wireless Sensor Security System
Chuango G3 - Alarm Wireless Sensor Security System

G3 - GSM/SMS Alarm System* Now catch the Burglars & Prevent the crime,* Complete Wireless Technology & Elegant Design, * Real Time Alerts (CALL/SMS) on Stored Number, * Cost EffectiveProduct Features & Technical Specification : * All It needs a GSM SIM card - Frequency - 850/900/1800/1900MHz .* G3 Stores upto 5 Phone Numbers* Real time alerts - When the alarm system is triggered, you will get a call and a message. You will also get system status messages for power down, power back up, low batteries and sensor tamper.* Battery Backup - up to 2 hours.* Real time Prevention - It will prevent the intrusion, burglary and robbery* 110db loud Siren - Burglar will run away immediately after 110db siren triggered * The G3 is fit for any property size, so you can set your own pace for exit and entry times, without having to fumble in your pocket or purse for your remote control. * Wireless Technology - Save time on installation, as no need of complex wiring & professional Installer* Support 50 wireless accessories & 10 remote control* No matter where you are, you can listen in on what’s going on in your home, shop & workplace.* G3 gives you peace of mind 20 ft Detection Range 50 m Max Alarm Distance 120 min Charging Time DIY, Drilling & Stick, Easy to Relocate

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