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Latest - VITEK VT-3703 B-I Garment Steamer(Blue, White)

VITEK VT-3703 B-I Garment Steamer(Blue, White)
VITEK VT-3703 B-I Garment Steamer(Blue, White)

Steam your clothes safely and efficiently with the VITEK VT-3703 B-I Professional Garment Steamer. You can let out the appropriate amount of steam based on the fabric. The steam not only has a conditioning and freshening effect on the clothes, but also effectively clears out wrinkles and irons them perfectly. You can use this 1600 Watts Garment Steamer to steam and iron your jackets, shirts, gowns, pants and suits. This 1600 Watts garment steamer gives you a strong grip and control, thanks to its high stability wheels. The cloth suspension hanger eases the process of steaming and ensures that the ironing is not disturbed. Moreover, the steamer comes with a BIG 2.5 Litre water tank, which helps you steam large pieces of garments without having to refill water repeatedly. Functional and user-friendly, this Ultimate Garment Steamer is perfect for all your Expensive & delicate clothes. Garment Steamer Iron Round Ride Plate Consumes 1600 W Has Steam Burst

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