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Latest - Ilo G665 Garment Steamer(Multicolor)

Ilo G665 Garment Steamer(Multicolor)
Ilo G665 Garment Steamer(Multicolor)

Steam Q’s dual functionality allows it to be used as a regular hot plate or as a portable steam iron. The iron’s steam permeates through the fabric gently to avoid damaging clothes while making it easy to iron in any direction or motion. Equipped with a non-stick coating for easy gliding and fuss- free ironing. The steam Q’s stand makes it easy to store anywhere and with its cleaning brush, tidying up is effortless. With its space-saving and easy to carry design, you can take the steamQ iron with you in your travels. Garment Steamer Iron Round Ride Plate Consumes 800 W Has Spray Has Steam Burst

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