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Rico AI10 Dry Iron(White, Green)
Rico AI10 Dry Iron(White, Green)
Cool touch Body & Light WeightRico AI 10 dry iron makes your iron job quite easy because of its compact cool touch body and light weight structure. Its compact design and light weight feature allows you to carry it with you wherever you need. Non Stick Coated Sole PlateRico AI 10 dry iron comes with a non-stick coating which facilitates its easy gliding on all kinds of fabric. This non-stick coating ensures that the fabric doesn’t stick and get torn due to excessive heat. Hence, this iron runs smoothly on the fabric and avoids accidental burns.Temperature Adjustable KnobThis Rico AI 10 dry Iron comes with multiple temperature settings, which means that you can customize your ironing according to the fabric type. As we know that different fabrics need different temperatures to be ironed properly. Hence, this dry iron has an adjustable knob to help set temperature in accordance with the nature of fabric.Thermal Fuse for Extra SafetyExcessively high temperature can ruin electrical components. In the event of thermal overloading, the thermal fuse breaks the circuit and protects it from any electrical damage. The purpose is to reduce power risk, electric shock and injuries caused due to overheating.360 Degree Swivel CordThis Rico AI 10 Dry iron has a 360 degree free movement swivel cord for you to move the iron effortlessly in every direction. This 360 degree free movement avoids the possibility of tangled wires and keeps your hands and wrist stress free.Power on IndicatorThis Rico AI 10 Dry Iron has power on indicator. When the sole plate is heated and when the desired temperature is reached, this goes off.Reaches into Tricky AreasThis Rico AI 10 Dry Iron designed such a way that it reaches into tricky areas of clothes like button groves. So you get complete ironing experience.Shock-Proof Body for Safe IroningRico Dry Iron AI 10 features a good-quality plastic body that is heat-resistant and comfortable to hold during long hours of ironing. Dry Iron Non Stick Plate Consumes 1000 W